Over Half Of Media Workers Fear AI Will Take Their Jobs: Study

Media workers fear that AI could replace them, according to a study by FreelanceWritingJobs.com. 

Of the media employees polled, 52% worry that AI will make their profession redundant. 

In contrast, 35% of all Americans have the same concern. 

The highest fear level is seen in the technology industry: 63%. This may be because tech workers are knowledgeable about the potential of AI to conduct tasks that were previously performed by humans.

Moreover, tech workers have already seen the automation of jobs in such areas as customer service and data analysis. 

Other nervous workers are in these industries: hospitality (59%), legal (52%), IT (52%), journalism (52%), education (44), engineering (44%) and energy (41%). 

Feelings also vary by location. The most anxious workers are in New Hampshire, where 71% expressed concern, and the least nervous are in Nebraska, where only 17% did so, perhaps because Nebraska is a farming state, where AI has not had a big impact.

FreelanceWritingJobs.com surveyed 3,000 employees across the United States.





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