The Top 10 Brands Used In Phishing Attacks

Security firm Cloudflare Inc. has published a list of the brands most often used in phishing attacks. The winner of this competition? AT&T, followed by PayPal. 

Cloudflare defines phishing as “an attempt to steal sensitive information like usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, bank and crypto account information, or other important data in order to utilize or sell the stolen information.”

“Phishing attacks prey on our trust in the brands we love and use everyday, and are becoming more difficult to spot for even the most digitally-savvy person,” says Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO, Cloudflare. 

Prince continues: “Our sanity, bank accounts, and passwords shouldn't be compromised because we glossed over a misspelled 'from' field or accidentally clicked on an obscure URL.”

The most misused 10 brands are:

  1. AT&T Inc.
  2. Paypal
  3. Microsoft
  4. DHL
  5. Facebook (Meta)
  6. Internal Revenue Service
  7. Oath Holdings/Verizon
  8. Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS Co., Ltd. 
  9. Adobe
  10. Amazon
The remainder can be found here.
  1. The remainder can be found here. 
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