Get Dating Advice From TV Talent: From Geraldo To Bill O'Reilly

Those who are dating-challenged will seemingly go to the ends of the earth to get proper dating advice--and now, even to Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil McGraw, known for his folksy (and sometimes loud and strong) advice on his syndicated TV show, may not seem like the first name to come to mind when thinking about the dating scene. But considering that he's a therapist of many years, a strong argument can be made that he's a pretty good advisor in the relationship department.

Now,, the largest online dating service, will give access to Dr. Phil's pearls of advice--in video form of 50 clips, covering communication, first impressions, and, we guess, sex. As a spokesman, Dr. Phil, will do a series of commercials touting his expertise.

The dating scene is large and wide, and apparently says it shouldn't be focused only on the young. The company says people 50 and over are the fastest-growing age group using the site. Thus Dr. Phil's appeal--since his demographics point to that same older crowd.



But why just stop here with just one TV personality?

Jerry Springer could offer dating advice to the other dating fringe--that of heavy-set, barefoot, fighting, just-bra-wearing women. (Jab with the left, swig beer with the right).

Simon Cowell could offer advice on what to do after some bad serenading. (Find another key or a boom box).

Donald Trump could suggest that a better business deal means better dating. (Seek out a financial advisor for a possible pre-nup).

Jeff Probst could mention that living on a deserted island is supposed to be romantic--not just a challenge on who can build a better bamboo hut.

It really doesn't matter which TV mentor you choose. You need a road map.

As Jim Safka, chief executive of, told The New York Times, "The idea is, when you're going out there to meet people, we want you to have a plan. Because otherwise you're bouncing around out there like a Ping-Pong ball or a loaded missile."

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