Hearst, Union Agree On Contract After 2 Years Of Negotiations

Hearst Magazines has reached a collective bargaining agreement with Writers Guild of America East (WGAE), resulting in what it says is the first union contract with the company after two years of negotiations. 

WGAE members have ratified the contract after a negotiating process attended by walkouts, rallies, petitions and charges of unfair labor practices. 

According to the WGAE, the contract includes a major increase in salary minimums, with the minimum salary level going from $45,000 to $60,000 for some employees.

Moreover, writers, producers and editors across the company’s 28 brands are guaranteed annual wage increases, and 401 matching at the same rate for the length of the contract. 

The contract also contains provisions for severance pay.  

“This contract will establish and codify many important workplace benefits and protections, including industry-standard wage floors, minimum guaranteed annual wage increases, just cause, gender-neutral bathrooms, a path to reporting discrimination, and a diversity committee to help hold the company accountable to more equitable hiring practices,” the union says in a statement. 



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