'NME' Debuts 'The Cover,' Feature Devoted To Rising Artists

Music digital brand NME has launched a feature to highlight new artists. 

The Cover will appear every Monday and focus on an upcoming performer. The first is multi-genre pioneer d4vd, who has been signed to Darkroom/Interscope Records. 

The concept reflects NME’s decades of providing print covers of musical artists. 

“The NME cover is, naturally, iconic, but it’s only as powerful and memorable as the cast of characters that feature on it,” says Tom Smith, commissioning editor (music) for NME. 

Smith adds, “The emerging music scenes around the world are where their stories begin and where their cutting-edge innovation flourishes.” 

NME Networks, a part of Caldecott Music, is comprised of the NME, Guitar.com and MusicTech brands. 





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