Insomnia Cookies Invites Customers To PJ Party

Insomnia Cookies, the chain known for serving fresh cookies late into the evening, has announced it will hold its first global* PJ Party in honor of back-to-school season on Sept. 19.

Those customers who arrive at an Insomnia store dressed in their sleepwear at 9 P.M. local time on that date will receive one free classic cookie, with no purchase necessary.  Each store will also offer giveaways, exclusive swag and other perks, along with $15 12-packs all day.

On PJ day, the cookie chain will also introduce its newest flavor, the Cap’n Crunch Berries’n Milk Filled Deluxe Cookie, available for a limited time only. The cookie is a brown sugar dough mixed with Cap’n Crunch Berries cereal and strawberry bits, and filled with a cereal milk buttercream.

Those attending the event who tag @insomniacookies on social media with #PJP23 will be entered for a chance to win free cookies for a year.



Insomnia Cookies was founded on a university campus in Philadelphia in 2003 with the intention of providing sweets to late-night studying or partying students. Most stores are open for pick-up and delivery until 1 A.M. or later. Customers can also order the cookies shipped nationwide through the brand’s website.

Last month Insomnia began offering ice cream packaged for retail sale in their stores for customers to take home. Ice cream flavors include Peaches 'N Cheesecake, Caramellionaire, Cookie D'ough, Minterstellar and Peanut Butter Insomniac Tracks.

*Insomnia’s calling it a global party, though the chain’s reach doesn’t extend that far. It has 240 locations in the U.S., and has recently branched out to Canada and the United Kingdom.


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