Guardian US Sets Up Investigative Unit, With Michael Hudson As Leader

Guardian US has created its first investigations team, appointing Michael Hudson, most recently senior editor at the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), to lead the unit, effective immediately. 

The new team will focus on corporate and government misconduct, attacks on human rights and other challenges facing the United States.  

Joining Hudson in the new group is Stephanie Kirchgaessner, UK investigations correspondent, who will serve as deputy head of investigations for the US.   

In addition, Will Craft, most recently of American Public Media has been named data editor. And Oliver Laughland, U.S. southern bureau chief, will be investigative correspondent while continuing his multimedia and narrative reporting.  

Guardian US is also searching for an investigative reporter and a senior investigative reporter. 



Hudson has spent two stints as a senior editor at the ICIJ, working as a reporter, writer and editor on the ICIJ’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Panama Papers probe. 

He has also served as global investigations editor at The Associated Press and has worked as a reporter for the Center for Public Integrity, The Wall Street Journal and The Roanoke (Va.) Times.

Hudson has “dedicated his talent and passion to uncovering facts that powerful institutions would prefer to keep hidden,” says Betsy Reed US editor at The Guardian. ”He has trained his sights on the biggest abusers of power from Wall Street to Washington.” 

Reed adds that Kirchgaessner “has already produced a string of important scoops for The Guardian, from the Pegasus project to her recent stories on the Supreme Court.”

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