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The King of All Digital Media

Following the $7.4 billion merger between Disney and Pixar, Steve Jobs is the new King of All Media, according to Smart Money columnist Monica Rivituso. She says the move places Jobs in pole position to control the digital convergence between entertainment and technology. On the tech side, the Apple Computer CEO has the iPod, which has now morphed beyond being a mere digital music device to accepting video, too, and the "cool factor" in its PCs and laptops. On the content side, Pixar Studios, Jobs' other daytime job, is "arguably the envy of every studio head in Hollywood," she says, not to mention that its big-time box office sales helped its partner Disney save face while times were tough in the last few years ago. Despite his assertion that the deal is all about "Bob Iger's vision," Steve Jobs is the real winner here: "This is about... storming into a void where nothing substantial is really being done," Rivituso says, adding that the only progress in terms of digital convergence that's been made, "has been by companies that Jobs has had a hand in."



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