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U.S. Tops Other Nations in Spam

The U.S. is responsible for a quarter of the world's spam, according to an antivirus company. That figure is far lower than it's been in the past, by the way, but we still lead all other countries in total spam delivered. According to Sophos' data, the U.S. accounted for 24.5 percent of spam delivered in the last three months of 2005. This was followed by China, with a high 22.3 percent, and South Korea, with 9.7 percent. The numbers are based on a scan of the mail caught by Sophos' spam traps. The U.S. figure is a significant drop from April through September '04, when U.S.-based spam was an exorbitant 41.5 percent. And Bill Gates' prediction 2 years ago that the spam problem would be solved by now certainly hasn't come true; in fact, it's not that much better. MessageLabs, a spam blocking service, says 68.6 percent of e-mail sent in the first half of 2005 was spam.



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