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Real-World Tests Show Mobile TV Has A Future

Against a steady wave of skepticism that TV on mobile-phone screens will have broad consumer appeal, "actual trials have roused an entirely different reaction," writes Heidi Dawley at Media Life. Last week two small-scale studies in Britain demonstrated that consumers who actually had an opportunity to test the tiny devices were favorably disposed toward them. A spokesperson for British Telecommunications, which ran one of the trials, said, "Not only did people say they were willing to pay, but they were using [the mobile TVs] too." Writes Dawley: "Forget what the analysts thought." Lots of people, it turns out, "want to watch live TV" on a handset. While currently there are limitations on what can be seen on such small screens, Dawley points out that the technical problems are being resolved--first in other countries, it seems, where mobile systems are generally somewhat more advanced than those currently deployed in the U.S.



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