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Assessing Steve Jobs' Orbit In the Hollywood Universe

There's no question that by joining Disney's board of directors, Steve Jobs raises his profile in the entertainment industry. But to what extent, and for what purpose? The head of both Apple Computer and Pixar Animation Studios, Jobs is already one of the most dynamic figures in the business. Will he eventually want to run a diversified entertainment company as well, as some have wondered? "I see him more as a king maker at Disney than a king," analyst Rob Enderle, of The Enderle Group, tells Associated Press technology reporter May Wong. "However, he could easily become the power behind the throne, and I doubt he will let anyone forget that." Especially since he's now Disney's largest individual shareholder. Tim Bajarin, an analyst at Creative Strategies, says, Jobs' "biggest impact will be to help guide Disney into the digital age and be the mediator of this major media company's content to the world of next-generation digital content delivery." Most agree that Jobs will help Disney distribute content via Apple's iTunes and iPod products.



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