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E-mail Ads Require Special Touch

Award-wining creative director and copywriter Karen Gedney says e-mail advertising is a recent phenomenon and that even the best traditional copywriters have trouble crafting effective e-mail copy. Here she offers a series of tips that can help. They include taking time to craft a winning subject line, which only allows for about 45 characters. She points out that your sender line should clearly identify your company and brand so it won't have to be repeated in the subject line. She also says: "Don't think of writing e-mail copy as filling in a blank page. It's more like piecing together a puzzle. Think about the top three or four messages you need to communicate. Place them all at the top of the e-mail screen. It's easy to telegraph a lot of information upfront if you use your full arsenal of e-mail elements--banners, white space above the banner, sidebars, hotboxes, links, menu bars, and so on."



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