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Survey Shows Fox Could Win The Season

In a survey conducted by Media Life, many media folk said they believe Fox could win the TV season. "American Idol" "has given the network an aura of invincibility among media planners and buyers. That's so even when the network's competitive standing [at midseason] may not justify it," writes Gene Ely, Media Life's editor. Almost half of the media people who responded to the poll said they believe Fox can win the season among 18-49-year-olds. Forty-eight percent agreed with the statement, "Yes, Fox may be starting from farther back, but with '24' off to a great start, 'Prison Break' poised to build on last fall, an even more powerful "Idol" and big boosts for 'House' and 'Bones,' I expect Fox to be competing for No. 1 by May." Those who disagreed with the statement cited the Super Bowl--which Fox is not broadcasting this year--as a reason for their response.



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