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Super Bowl Star Will Also Score On Madison Avenue

Every football fan knows that Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger can read a defense and throw a football pretty well, but can he sell soup to a hungry nation? How about soft drinks, or cars--or anything else, for that matter. He may get the chance to try, if his team wins Super Bowl XL and he is named the game's Most Valuable Player. Sports marketing experts say Roethlisberger, more than any other player, has "the right stuff" when it comes to potential as a celebrity endorser. "My feeling is that Roethlisberger is the man," says sports-marketing expert Bob Dorfman of Pickett Advertising. "He's already done real well on a regional level... but this is his chance to really break out nationally, become a household name." And if the Seattle Seahawks win? "Well, certainly Shaun Alexander, if he had a great game," Dorfman says of the running back. "He's already (the league's) MVP, and he's a really good-looking guy. I'm still not sure if he has the personality to go out there and get a lot of deals, but he definitely would be doing... the talk shows."



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