Why Email Is Back This Holiday Season

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Recent months have seen an interesting trend emerge. As trust in media continues to receded, and media fragmentation expands across cable news, streaming services, and social video platforms, email engagement is rising, with newsletters seeing newfound popularity and engagement across seemingly all demographics.

More than 90% of Americans subscribe to at least one email newsletter, according to industry research, with 74% subscribing to between one and 10. As consumers seek more direct, personal, and curated content experiences, analysts note that this widespread revival of email is predominantly led by the implicit trust that comes with opting in to receive communications directly in the inbox.

Making the Most of Email Newsletters

Email newsletters like The Skimm or bespoke media email integrations hold enormous potential for brands looking to improve customer loyalty and retention and increase brand awareness. In a time when anyone can buy an audience, email offers true access to guaranteed attention. Knowing this, we offer a few best practices to integrate email into your marketing mix where it can bolster the contextual relevancy and content adjacency of your marketing messages:



GOAL: Generate leads, generate online traffic, and increase brand awareness.

EMAIL MARKETING USE CASE: Capitalize on the scale, reach, and engagement with a fully custom email

GOAL: Improve customer loyalty and retention

EMAIL MARKETING USE CASE: Join the conversation with bespoke integrations and dedicated sends that place your brand front and center.

GOAL: Drive revenue

EMAIL MARKETING USE CASE: Seek results-oriented integrations targeted to highly engaged users within a specific topic or vertical.

So Why Newsletters, and Why Now This Holiday Season?

The growing volume of emails during the holidays won't stop consumers from clicking, research finds. Eighty-four percent of holiday shoppers keep an eye open for deals, discounts, or promotions during the holiday season, according to Think with Google. Couple that with more than two-thirds (or 69%) of consumers saying they pay more attention to marketing emails during the holidays.

So, through email, brands can to supercharge their means of personalization and relevance. In fact, people who purchase products through email are likely to spend 138% more than people who don’t receive email offers. Brands that reach out to their customers during this time will see their customer relationships grow well into the new year.

And as we look ahead, we expect to see a newfound emphasis on AI and automation, with businesses using additional data and touchpoints to send even more targeted, relevant messages to their audiences. Engaging with paid email newsletter partnerships also supports the move to more privacy-first advertising, as email offers both publishers and brands the added security and privacy of engaging with audiences via first-party customer data.

Finally, email offers authentic and personalized communication that will be crucial in building strong connections and trust in the future. ‘Tis the season for brands to shine in subscribers’ inboxes.

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