Substack Writers Object To Use Of Platform By Nazis

Over 100 Substack publishers have signed an open letter condemning the service for allowing alleged Nazis to use its platform.  

Calling itself Substackers Against Nazis, the group asks: “Why are you platforming and monetizing Nazis?”

The letter charges that some newsletters by Nazis and white nationalists have thousands or tens of thousands of subscribers. 

“From our perspective as Substack publishers, it is unfathomable that someone with a swastika avatar, who writes about ‘The Jewish question,’ or who promotes Great Replacement Theory, could be given the tools to succeed on your platform,” they write. “And yet you’ve been unable to adequately explain your position.” 

Substack responded to an article in The Atlantic, titled, “Substack Has a Nazi problem,” by saying it has a “content moderation policy that protects against extremes — like incitements to violence — but we do not subjectively censor writers outside of those policies.” 

The open letter concludes, “We, your publishers, want to hear from you on the official Substack newsletter. Is platforming Nazis part of your vision of success? Let us know—from there we can each decide if this is still where we want to be.”



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