Around the Net Launches Multi-Million Dollar Local Search Campaign

  • ClickZ, Tuesday, January 31, 2006 10:45 AM, the massive online directory effort of AT&T and Bell South, is kicking off a TV and online marketing blitz using this very-to-the-point tagline: "We wrote the book on local search." The campaign attempts to leverage's ties to its telco parents in hopes that it will appeal to the rapidly expanding number of consumers who turn to the Internet to find local information. The multimillion dollar campaign was produced by GSD&M, the company's agency of record, according to ClickZ, and will run through 2006. The campaign, called "Need something?", shows people performing everyday tasks like mowing the lawn using the wrong equipment--like a vacuum cleaner--and then the camera widens and the viewer sees a search box and the words "Need Something?" The spot then finishes with the tagline. In total, there are eight different TV executions and three different online ads, with nine others in development. Online ads will run on information sites like MSNC,,,, AOL and MSN. The strategy, perhaps ironically, is to show the ads on national, rather than local sites. This is the first major ad campaign for a local search service since Yahoo Local and Verizon released separate campaigns in 2004.




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