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Bowl Sponsors Are Everywhere

Super Bowl advertisers are spreading their commercial messages to as many venues as possible this year. Not only will viewers see expensive, high-tech ads on the game itself, but the commercial will also begin showing up on the Internet, on iPods, and even on cell phones. It only makes sense that marketers would try to get as big a bang for their buck as possible, especially considering they are paying an average $2.5 million for a 30-second spot. "It's a better way to amortize the cost of Super Bowl ads," says Seth Palansky, NFL spokesman. "The goal is more places to get your ad seen." The NFL said it will put the Super Bowl XL ads on its NFL Network, video-on-demand, and NFL Mobile programs on Sprint for a week after Sunday's game. That decision was made after sponsors complained they were shut out from seeing the TV ads in the stadium.



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