Dead Presidents Inspire Loyalty For Pizza Chain


It’s often difficult to tell QSR, fast casual and pizza chain loyalty programs apart. Typically they feature generic names such as “(insert chain name here) Rewards.”

Want to know how to get attention for a loyalty program? Give it a name with meaning to the chain and customer -- one that’s memorable, and perhaps a tad controversial.

That’s exactly what one pizza chain did when relaunching its loyalty effort. &pizza, the East Coast fast casual pizza chain, recently announced The Dead Presidents Club, its revamped loyalty program in conjunction with loyalty provider Thanx.

The Washington, D.C. chain, founded in 2012 with locations in New York, Philadelphia, DC, Baltimore and Virginia, has pushed a mission-driven, culture-carrying concept, extending beyond food into community betterment.

Part of this effort includes offering its workers a livable wage and socially conscious vision, and actively taking steps to contribute to social progress. The chain closes on election day, providing employees with full PTO to encourage voting. 

“The Dead Presidents Club embodies the spirit of rebellion and innovation,” Patrick Barry, &pizza vice president of marketing, told QSR Insider. “We have strong ties to our first location in Washington, D.C., so with a nod to our founding fathers and their revolutionary ideals, this new loyalty program transforms &pizza into something edgy and unique, mirroring the bold flavors and unconventional experience that define &pizza,”

The chain is marketing the effort through humorous and decidedly edgy Instagram executions, with creatively twisted versions of such dead presidents as George Washington with a gold teeth grill, nose ring and purple eyeshadow, and Abraham Lincoln with a purple mohawk.

The copy “The loyalty program our founding fathers wished they had. But didn’t. Get dough for buying dough,” is superimposed over the images. The final picture, of Benjamin Franklin with a face tattoo of roses and dollar signs, also appears with the line, “Wait, he wasn’t a president. NVM. Doesn’t matter.”

“By leveraging the deep connection to D.C. and drawing inspiration from the rebellious founding fathers, the name resonates with &pizza’s target audience who appreciate authenticity and individuality,” Barry added. "Associating loyalty perks with the iconic figures of American history creates a sense of exclusivity and belonging for &pizza’s customers, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to offering a unique and memorable experience that celebrates both its hometown and its unconventional approach to pizza.”

The Dead Presidents Club program is part of &pizza’s new app, which introduces a tiered reward system with three distinct levels: Washington (bronze), Lincoln (silver), and Benjamin (gold). Those who earn Benjamin status receive a birthday party package that includes 10 drinks and 10 pizzas, along with a monthly free pizza and exclusive Benjamin T-shirt. Lincoln tier members can enjoy a Birthday Dinner with two drinks and two pizzas, along with monthly BOGO pizzas with a Lincoln T-shirt. New members receive a free pie and a complimentary birthday pizza.

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