Nerds Gummy Clusters Rides Viral Wave...Into The Big Game

A lot of brands use Super Bowl advertising to launch a new brand or campaign push. In the case of Ferrara's Nerds Gummy Clusters, however, a Super Bowl ad this year culminated a remarkable business growth story that started several years ago at the grass roots of candy fandom. Charged in part by Kylie Jenner posting her love for the brand, and TikTok influencers sharing notes on retail availability, Gummy Clusters became a sweet viral hit. It has quickly become the leading product in the Nerds portfolio and Ferrara’s bottom line.

Which raises a good problem for Ferrara marketing. How do you best leverage viral popularity in a way that manages and increases growth and at the same time maintains authenticity? Joining us this week on Brand Insider is a proud Nerds nerd. Joey Rath has worked on the brand for a number of years and is Marketing Director, Nerds Candy, Ferrara. You can listen to the entire podcast at this link.



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