Taboola Offers Advertisers A Way To Reach A Subset Of Premium Publishers

Taboola has launched a product that it says will help advertisers reach a subset of 15% of Taboola’s premium publishers in the U.S., including Yahoo, “Business Insider” and Associated Press. 

The new offering, Taboola Select, allows advertisers to put in standalone placements on homepages, in mid-article selections and in a new slot called Featured Placements, the company says.  

The goal is to help brands “run performance campaigns to reach consumers at scale,” says Adam Singolda, CEO at Taboola.

In addition, brands can conduct cost-per-click buying while leveraging Taboola’s AI capability that includes its Maximize Conversions bidding technology. 

Taboola Select inventory is visible, brand-safe and surrounded by trusted editorial content, Taboola contends. 

This is the first time Taboola is providing a shortlist of its most premium advertisers. 

“Reliable and effective performance advertising has always been crucial, as these types of campaigns continue to help brands stay resilient and drive results regardless of industry headwinds,” Singolda says.  



Taboola is  combining “brand safe environments via our direct relationships with the world’s most premium publishers, with prominent ad placements,” he adds. 

Recently, AP joined with Taboola to launch AP Buyline, a site that will provide product reviews created by the Taboola editorial team. 



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