YouTube Creator, Zaxby's Launch A Beast Of A Meal Deal

Turns out even MrBeast, who has a burger chain bearing his name, is also jumping on the fried chicken craze. 

YouTube star MrBeast (real name, Jimmy Donaldson) has joined forces with Zaxby’s saucy fried chicken chain to launch the MrBeast Box meal at restaurants nationwide beginning May 16.

A philanthropist and creator with over 258 million subscribers, MrBeast himself worked with the chicken chain “to hand-select some of his favorite menu items,” according to a release, “so fans everywhere can feast like a beast.” This is Zaxby’s first celebrity collaboration of this type.

The meal contains Zaxby's 4 Chicken Fingerz,  Crinkle Fries, Zaxby's Cheddar Bites, two slices of Zaxby's Texas Toast, Zax Sauce, ranch, and MrBeast's new Feastables Milk Chocolate Bar (Zaxby’s is the only QSR where this brand, owned by MrBeast, available.)



Why the collab? "Zaxby's and MrBeast are bound by a mutual admiration, small-town roots and a dedication to our craft," said Patrick Schwing, Zaxby's chief marketing and strategy officer in a release.

The announcement went on to say that this MrBeast Box collab “is only the beginning of a year-long partnership between MrBeast and Zaxby's.” Future partnership plans include video integrations and social media content.

The promotion is even more interesting considering ghost kitchen operator Virtual Dining Concepts, which launched the MrBeast Burger business (still in operation) and MrBeast (Donaldson) are currently suing one another. Per a recent piece in Business Insider, Donaldson filed a suit against Virtual Dining Concepts, alleging it had been serving "low quality," sometimes "inedible," food. The company responded with another lawsuit claiming that Donaldson and his company, Beast Investments, failed to keep contractual obligations. Both lawsuits appear to still be in litigation.

The MrBeast Box is  available in two collectable custom-designed to-go boxes, featuring MrBeast’s signature teal color scheme and panther logo.

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