Gannett Tries AI In Bullet-Point Article Summaries: Report

Gannett, which had one awkward experience with AI last year, is using the technology in a new way: to place bullet points at the top of stories. 

The feature, called “key points,” was revealed in an internal memo, according to The Verge. 

Summaries are now appearing under article headlines on some USA Today stories, The Verge continues. 

The articles are accompanied by a disclaimer, saying, “The Key Points at the top of this article were created with the assistance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and reviewed by a journalist before publication. No other parts of the article were generated using AI.”

Last August, Gannett halted an effort to insert artificial intelligence into its journalism following a mortifying glitch in The Columbus Dispatch, reports stated at the time. 



That paper’s high school sports section featured writeups authored by Lede AI, which uses game scores to generate sports recaps. 

The embarrassing, AI-written lines, which were widely ridiculed in social media, included:  

  • “A close encounter of the athletic kind."  
  • “The Pilots avoided the brakes and shifted into victory gear." 
  • A scoreboard was “in hibernation until the fourth quarter."
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