The Arena Group Refuses To Hand Over 'Sports Illustrated' Subscriber List: Report

The Arena Group is continuing to have an impact on Sports Illustrated months after its license was terminated by owner Authentic Brands, according to The New York Post. 

The Arena Group refuses to turn over the magazine’s subscriber list to Minute Media, which was appointed as publisher in March, the Post alleges, citing anonymous sources. 

The result is that the May issue has not been produced, affecting more than one million subscribers. 

These charges could not be independently confirmed at deadline. 

However, the annual swimsuit issue is out. The double issue is dated June/July. 

In April, owner Authentic Brands Group filed an almost $50 million lawsuit against The Arena Group, charging, among other things, that Manoj Bhargava, majority owner of The Arena Group, acted “more like a gangster” than a trusted business partner.

Bhargava, the founder of 5-hour Energy “opted for lawlessness” in his effort to hang on to the title, the suit charges.

The Arena Group said it would lay off almost the entire staff of SI after its license to produce the magazine was suspended when it missed a $3.75 million payment. 

The complaint accuses The Arena Group of breach of contract and trademark infringement. 




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