Media Curation Platform Is Launched By Onetag

Onetag, a programmatic advertising platform, has launched a media curation capability with an AI co-pilot feature for use by DSPs and curation partners.  

The new Smart Curation platform is designed to provide “efficiency and performance for buyers, data providers and curation partners,” says Daniel Pirchio, founder and CEO of Onetag.

The platform offers a media curation suite with two approaches to programmatic planning and activation: 

OpenVerified is suitable for open auction buying, providing sell-side algorithmical approach at the DSP seat level. 

DealCurate provides access to campaign planning, including a semantic dataset for cookieless contextual targeting.

According to Onetag, the Smart Curation platform eliminates programmatic ad wastage, and increases addressability and post-cookie targeting with semantic and first-party data.

Software provider Sincera Technologies praises the launch.  



“The Smart Curation platform is one of the first to directly integrate Sincera performance signals, such as A2CR and Max Ads in View into the user workflow,” says Mike O’Sullivan, co-founder at Sincera. “This allows buyers direct control as to how these signals are used in their deals. It’s a massive step forward for transparency and advanced cookieless performance on the Open Internet.”




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