'South Bend Tribune' Switches To Postal Print Delivery

The South Bend (Indiana) Tribune has joined the parade of Gannett newspapers having their print papers delivered by the U.S. Postal Service.  

The change will take effect on Monday, July 15. There being no mail delivery on Sundays, the Sunday edition will arrive in the mail Saturday.

Digital products are now the first choice for breaking news, the Tribune notes. 

"Readers can access our stories on our digital platforms at anytime," says Ismail Turay Jr., executive editor of The Tribune and Midwest Group editor of Gannett's Center for Community Journalism. "But we know some of our subscribers prefer the printed newspaper. Transitioning to postal delivery will ensure consistent delivery."

Switching to postal brings its own set of challenges, including increasing rates and occasional late delivery. But Gannett, which owns more than 100 local daily newspapers, has successfully made this transition in dozens of markets throughout the country, the Tribune writes. 



“For many years now, the printed newspaper has served as a culmination of the stories that will become our collective history, while our websites and mobile apps deliver the news of the day,” says Michael A. Anastasi, VP of local news for Gannett.

“We know that by the time our informed readers pick up the paper, they know what happened yesterday — the print newspaper should provide additional context, to help readers better understand their community and the world around them.” 

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