Wondery Launches New Brand For Its History Podcasts

The podcast network Wondery is launching a new umbrella brand, “History Tellers,” for its history content, accompanied by a kickoff campaign titled “More to the Story.” 

“'The ‘More to the Story’ campaign is a continuation of the redefined brand marketing strategy that kicked off earlier this year, to reach new audiences,” says Blad Norman, head of global marketing, Wondery.  

Norman adds, “We are rallying behind Wondery’s diverse, rich slate of quality historical content, which combines suspense, surprise and emotion, to connect with fans, giving them more depth and detail.”

This season’s content includes:

  • Even the Royals – about the infamous King Henry the VIII and his six wives; out now  
  • American History Tellers – a look at America’s First Ladies such as Eleanor Roosevelt, Betty Ford, and Michelle Obama; out June 26 
  • Legacy – a new season focusing on long-time FBI director J. Edgar Hoover; out June 26 
  • British Scandal – an insider’s look at tennis star Boris Becker; out June 26 
  • American Scandal – a new season focuses on the Teapot Dome scandal of the 1920s; out July 9  
  • Unsinkable – a historical fiction "audio movie" about the ship San Demetrio, a tale of heroism during World War II; out July 10
  • Black History, For Real – a no-nonsense look at some of history’s most overlooked moments; out July 15




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