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Shake Shack Celebrates National French Fry Day With Giant Fry Pillow

Love French fries so much you wish you could hug them? In honor of National French Fry Day July 12, Shake Shack has made your potato-filled dreams come true with the Crinkle Cut Cuddler.

Created with sustainable weighted blanket and pillow maker Bearaby, the Crinkle Cut Cuddler is a 42” long by 7.5” wide fry shaped “ultra-huggable” body pillow. Per Bearaby’s website, “the Crinkle Cut Cuddler is more than a unique conversation starter; its playful zigzag design, lush eco-velvet cover, and supportively soft inner Melofoam make it a standout home decor piece and a functional addition to your sleep setup.” Melofoam is Bearaby’s “natural latex foam created from rubber tree sap, resistant to mold, mildew, and dust mites.”

The cover is also washable and the pillow arrives in takeout box-themed packaging. The Crinkle Cut Cuddler is the collab’s take on Bearaby’s extremely popular Cuddler Body Pillow, which retails for $199.



“Bearaby and Shake Shack’s shared dedication to high-quality, responsible design inspired the launch of this joyfully stylish collab,” said a brand representative in an email to Marketing Daily. “Comfort food and comfort bedding are at their best when made with the best ingredients and materials, and the Crinkle Cut Cuddler embodies exactly that.”

The pillow is available beginning today for a limited time only exclusively on Bearaby’s site for $149. Customers who are among the first 100 to buy their own Crinkle Cut Cuddler will also receive a coupon for a free order of Shake Shake’s actual Crinkle Cut fries.


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