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Braun, Yahoo Media Continue To Struggle

Lloyd Braun, one-time ABC Chairman and current head of media and entertainment at Yahoo, hasn't had much joy in his 15 months at the helm of the Internet media company's content division, says a Cnet report. Braun was supposed to turn Yahoo into an entertainment industry powerhouse, but critics say that for all his extensive connections and Hollywood wherewithal, Braun has been unable to negotiate the fast-moving digital media world. In fact, certain Yahoo Media--like Yahoo Finance and Yahoo Games--have lost ground to its rivals under his watch, and ad sales haven't shown any noticeable spikes either. That's probably because Yahoo has yet to produce a serious content hit. Perhaps Yahoo's struggles raise a bigger question about Internet media: can the likes of Google and Yahoo create original content people want to read or watch, or will they simply be information news gatherers pointing people to other content destinations? These days, the latter looks to be the more likely outcome. As one ad agency executive put it, "nothing has really popped creatively" for Yahoo. "Generally, we haven't seen anything innovative there yet."



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