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Groups Protest AOL, Yahoo E-mail Certification Plan

  • NY Times, Tuesday, February 28, 2006 10:30 AM, the nonprofit online public interest group, and civil liberties group the Electronic Frontier Foundation begin a campaign today against AOL and Yahoo for planning to charge high-volume e-mail senders fees guaranteeing delivery of their messages. Together, the activist groups have enlisted about 50 other supporting organizations including the Gun Owners of America, the Democratic National Committee and the National Humane Society. They have also set up a Web site called, which contains an online petition users can sign asking AOL to change its policy. The groups worry the fees will be a disadvantage to "charities, small businesses and even families with mailing lists." AOL said political and charitable groups are exempt from the fees, and will use its technology to distinguish good from bad mail, as in the past.



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