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Behavior Targeting Delivers Twice as Many Impressions in '05

  • ClickZ, Tuesday, February 28, 2006 10:30 AM
Last year was a steady year for growth for behaviorally targeted ads, according to data from 24/7 Real Media's OnTarget behavioral targeting network. BT ad campaigns in 2005 delivered twice as many impressions as the year before, while click-through rates soared 166 percent. 24/7 execs attributed growth to increased advertiser and publisher awareness of the ad channel, as well as targeting technology improvements made by behavioral targeting vendors. The report said campaigns targeting "Techies," "Women," and "African Americans" were the most popular, together accounting for approximately 60 percent of all impressions during the third quarter. "Retargeting," which refers to displaying a BT ad to a user on 24/7's network who had already visited an advertisers' site, produced surprising results for some advertisers. For imaging products reseller, Fulgent Media found that retargeting methods, used in just 7 percent of the client's ads, accounted for 25 percent of the sales and 50 percent of revenue.



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