P&G Continues Media Innovation Mandate, Hires Gunn Report

Procter & Gamble is giving the ad industry a forum for recognizing media excellence. The award for "best flowchart" can only be so far away.

Yesterday in Cannes, France, the packaged-goods behemoth announced its sponsorship of the newly created Gunn Report for Media.

The Gunn Report, started by Donald Gunn in 1999, is an annual collection of worldwide creative advertising awards. The initial Gunn Report for Media, to be published in October of this year, will be a similar showcase for industry awards honoring media planning and buying. Details on which media awards will be included and how often the Gunn Report for Media will be issued were unavailable.

According to a press release issued by P&G: "The goal of this publication is to put a global spotlight on media innovation and success, and ultimately, inspire a higher quality media around the world."

"Everyday, consumers are bombarded by marketers who are vying for their attention," said Bernhard Glock, P&G's manager of global media, at a press conference yesterday. "As an industry, we need to better understand how to reach our consumers when and where they are most receptive. In order to do this, we have to elevate the importance and quality of our media efforts globally."



The sponsorship by P&G would appear to be in line with an ongoing push by the company to shake up the way its advertising agencies approach media planning. Back in February, P&G Global Marketing Officer Jim Stengel gave a speech at an American Association of Advertising Agencies conference entitled "The Future of Marketing," during which he encouraged marketers to move beyond focusing solely on 30-second TV spots.

Then, in April, P&G also commissioned a complete "communications review," seeking to "redesign its media planning agencies into communication planning agencies."

"By sponsoring the Gunn Report for Media, P&G recognizes that media is as vital to our success as the outstanding creative product we demand from our agencies," Glock said. "We value innovation in media, as well as breakthrough thinking and creativity from our marketing partners."

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