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Time Inc. Seems Serious (Again) About Its Web Strategy

With ad pages down at Time magazine, its flagship title, and evidence everywhere that more and more of its younger readers are migrating to the Web, Time Inc. is trying once again to remake itself as a serious, effective player on the Internet. The Wall Street Journal accurately recounts some of the company's earlier failed attempts at putting its valuable content on the Web (anyone remember Pathfinder?), efforts that proved embarrassing as small upstarts all across the globe bested the media giant in the new arena.  Now, says the Journal, senior Time Inc. executives are working feverishly to  dismantle the walls between the print and Internet sides of the company. Already, some of those efforts have yielded successful products, such as and, both of which are performing well with key demos. "What's abundantly clear to us is that there is a really attractive, smart readership who are younger than they are older and who get what they are looking for from the Web," Time Managing Editor James Kelly told the Journal.  What the paper points out in no uncertain terms is that Time Inc. really has little choice in the matter: print mags are under assault.  Time Inc.produces respected content, and it must move to get that content before readers’ eyes, no matter what the medium. Otherwise, the company will slip behind more aggressive and Web-competent competitors. 




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