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Eisner Reportedly Has Trouble Launching An Investment Firm

The New York Post says Michael Eisner, late of The Walt Disney Company, is trying to launch a private investment firm but is having trouble attracting participants. "Sources in the financial community have said Eisner is having a tough time getting investors, given that during his time at Disney he rarely kept investment banks on the payroll," reports Tim Arango in an "exclusive" story in yesterday's paper. The story also makes mention of other activities that have been keeping the post-Disney Eisner busy. He's got a brand-new talk show on CNBC, off to a decent start. And he's just invested an unknown amount of his own money in Veoh Network, a small Internet TV company. Time Warner is another investor in Veoh. Eisner, for his investment, has joined the board of the fledgling company. "Veoh is a community of publishers and consumers, where published content is approved by editors, and consumers are assured that they get what they request," Veoh said in a statement meant to explain its business model.



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