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Tips To Make Podcasts Work For Marketers

As marketers continue to seek new ways to spread commercial messages about their products and services, the podcast is emerging as a popular form of the so-called "emerging media" that advertisers are experimenting with as ad vehicles. Podcast are basically audio programming that can be downloaded to an MP3 player like an iPod, and then listened to at any time. According to Arbitron, 27 million Americans have listened to podcasts, and their growing popularity is causing major marketers to consider using them as platforms for advertising. Gregory Galant, the CEO of RadioTail, a firm that facilitates advertising in podcasts, is an expert in the field, and in this article he elaborates on these five basic principles on how to launch a successful podcast ad campaign: Keep your message brief; vary your creative; don't underestimate your audience; place your ads interstitially (don't use pre- or post-roll); don't imitate broadcast radio.



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