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Motorola Launches Q Smart Phone To Compete with BlackBerry

Motorola Corp., which made such a splash in 2004 with its Razr branded cell phones under the direction of the company's late marketing boss Geoffrey Frost, is now launching its first new product since his untimely death in November. The product is a smart phone called Q, and its launch is being supported with an irreverent campaign themed "Let there be Q." While its e-mail function makes the Q a competitor to Research in Motion's BlackBerry device, the device is being positioned as "truly an extension of your PC," said Leslie Dance, corporate vice president-global marketing communications at Motorola. Print and outdoor ads, which hit last week, feature the "Let there be Q" headline above various portraits of hip young people whose heads are haloed by the sky. Ads promote the Q's ability to play music and video and facilitate e-mails. A TV ad for Q is expected to hit in mid-June and employ the same theme. Rob Smith, group creative director at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco, which created the campaign, said ads for similar devices have focused on productivity. "If you look at the market, it's all 'work more, do more,'" he said. "People are fed up about that experience." In contrast, the Q is more of an "experiential device," he said. "This is a device like no other, almost a device from another place and that's where we got the inspiration [for the creative]."



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