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Dodge Takes College Road Trip to Promote Caliber

Dodge is turning the traditional college "road trip" into a promotional vehicle for its 2007 Caliber model. Next week, the automaker is sending nine college students from their collegiate towns to Miami to promote the brand and to earn money for charity. The students hail from Boston, Chicago, and Dallas and will take five days to make the trip, stopping along the way in cities like Atlanta, Houston and Philadelphia. Their mission is to drum up interest in the Caliber and attract crowds to the car in whatever way they can. "We're really leaving it into their hands," said Jodi Tinson, Dodge spokesperson. "The target consumers for the Caliber are 18- to 35-year-olds. The promotion is perfect for college students because if they think something is great or worth considering they'll talk it up with their friends and that's the buzz we want." Along the way, teams will earn points for creating attention-grabbing events that utilize the Caliber and drive people to download songs from Global Music Project, a non-profit organization that lets consumers download songs and sends proceeds to charity. The teams will get a little help from the carmaker, which will provide signage and banners to help promote the student-run events. Dodge also plans to send radio and TV stations media releases announcing the teams' arrival in their area.



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