The New MSNBC: Working All Sides Of The Story

How can you get attention from your seemingly underperforming cable news editorial staff? Promote from within, and somewhat wildly.

Veteran senior news NBC management executives have come and gone from MSNBC. Now NBC has made a bold move in picking on-air MSNBC anchor, Dan Abrams of "The Abrams Report," to run the channel. This was shocking news to the MSNBC staff.

Abrams has no management experience--and apparently got the job from expressing his views on the channel to NBC News president Steve Capus. What does Abrams --a longtime legal analyst and son of the well-known lawyer Floyd Abrams--want to do? He told The New York Times the need was for more breaking news coverage during the channel's daytime hours.

Okay, we'll all for that. From a politically run prospective--a newbie on the job--that's a good sentiment. But the real emphasis and change comes from Abrams' direct reports--Capus and the executive in overall charge, Phil Griffin, 49, president of NBC's "Today" show.



Capus, in particular, wants to go back to making prime time a priority because--as we all know--that's where the big advertising dollars are. Some resources and/or reports from NBC's "Dateline" will be making their way to MSNBC in prime time. Seemingly shows fronted by Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann are safe, but others from Rita Cosby, Tucker Carlson and Joe Scarborough are on the bubble.

Interestingly, NBC isn't targeting Fox News, per se. It's really CNN that's in its direct line of fire. Olbermann's show, "Countdown with Keith Olbermann," has actually beaten CNN on some nights recently, says MSNBC.

NBC said it replaced former MSNBC president Rick Kaplan with Abrams and Griffin because it thought the time was right--that the network was on the upswing. As this column has said before, we find that head-scratchingly interesting. With a network turning around, one would seem to continue down that road for a while since, well, things are working.

But, as has also been documented, General Electric will only stand for its businesses to be either first or second in their fields. Any moves in that direction are encouraged.

With any working media organization, there is plenty of credit and blame to go around. Perhaps at MSNBC they are still figuring out where all that goes. Perhaps that's why NBC cautiously plays two sides of the coin--one veteran executive, Griffin, and one unknown, Abrams. Between the two there'll be an interesting story for MSNBC.

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