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On July 24, the public will get an inside look at certain news-gathering methods when Bravo rolls out "Tabloid Wars," a documentary/reality show about the New York Daily News, reports Editor & Publisher. The six-week series is produced by Hearst, and follows reporters around the Big Apple as they try to out-scoop their arch rivals at the New York Post. While "the concept suggests static shots of pasty reporters, phones glued to their ears," the pilot seen by the trade magazine "is quick-paced, and provides a glimpse behind the scenes at a Gotham daily." One subject is city reporter Kerry Burke--described by E&P as "a gumshoe reporter who pounds the pavement, rides the subways, and fearlessly knocks on the doors of unsuspecting New Yorkers." Another is Deputy Metro Editor Greg Gittrich, who says he thinks the rough cuts he has seen thus far are fair, although he does not plan to watch the series--at least not right away: "Maybe after several decades."



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