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Bank of America Summer Marketing Plan Covers The Bases

Bank of America wants to play ball with its customers this summer. The financial services company's marketing efforts this season are centered on the time-honored theme of kids playing baseball with a new "Keep the Change" saving program tied to improving Little League playing fields. The initiative is more or less an extension of BofA's national sponsorship agreements with Major League Baseball, Minor League Baseball, Little League Baseball, and the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. Under the program, customers who sign up for "Keep the Change" automatically have all purchases made with a BofA debit card rounded up to the nearest dollar, with the difference being transferred from their checking to their savings at the end of the day. BofA will make a donation to the Little League Urban Initiative equal to 5 percent of all "Keep the Change" transfers made from now until August 26. Marketing support includes online, POP, broadcast, and PR efforts--including a tour of 11 cities, all homes to Major League teams, between now and the end of August. Activities include a Speed Pitch challenge, where for every pitch over a certain speed BofA will raise its donation to the Little League Urban initiative.



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