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Book Publisher And Winery Team Up In New Promo

Book publisher Harper Collins wants to take the old idea of curling up with a good book a step further by encouraging readers to add a glass of wine to the mix. In a new promotion with Sutter Home Winery, Harper Collins is putting neck hangers on one million bottles of wine, each of which offers $2 off one of two HarperCollins books: "The Reading Group" and "The Friendship Test," both authored by Elizabeth Noble. The publisher hopes the program will help to develop new reading groups outside of the traditional book reader, said Hope Innelli, vice president and associate publisher of Harper Paperbacks. "You can read a book alone or you can have a glass wine alone, but the great thing is that doing them with other people is really a lifestyle choice," Innelli said. "So, we're showing that both can be social events." A sweepstakes supporting the partnership is promoted on the backs of books, at and on header cards on in-store displays. The prize? One winner gets to take their reading group to the Sutter Home Victorian inn in Napa Valley, CA, along with a dinner hosted by a Sutter Home chef, 10 copies of "The Reading Group," and 10 copies of "The Friendship Test." The sweeps ends June 30. "The successful partnership is when both parties really bring the same level of creative energy to the table," Innelli said. "This is a natural fit, and it serves both of our products really well."

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