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Boston Globe Readies Section Front Ad Sales

Joining the ranks of some larger brethren, the Boston Globe plans to sell ads on some section fronts, the newspaper reports. For sale are the covers of its Business, Sunday Real Estate, Sports, and Food sections. The first two will be available to buyers Aug. 6, the rest soon after. "The front page of the Globe is not under consideration," says Globe President and General Manager Mary Jacobus, nor is the City & Region section front. The paper is following an industry trend which has seen both The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal ready to sell into some or all front pages. As newspapers face losses in circulation and advertising, the industry is reappraising its policies. It hopes to reap premium rates by offering new, more prominent space. Jacobus doesn't say if anyone has bought the Globe's new ad space, but "we're currently in discussions with many advertisers."



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