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CBS Pays FCC Fine, But Appeals Decision

  • Ad Age, Monday, July 31, 2006 12:32 PM
CBS has forked some $550,000 over to the feds, paying the fine levied over the 2004 Janet Jackson Super Bowl breast incident, Ad Age reports. But the net only ponied up the cash for "procedural reasons" as it appeals the decision. After cutting the check, the Tiffany Network immediately filed a challenge to the Federal Communications Commission decision. "Payment of that forfeiture does not mean that CBS in any way is admitting to a violation of the FCC's indecency rules," CBS says in its court papers, adding that the order is "unconstitutional, contrary to the Communications Act and FCC rules, and generally arbitrary, capricious and contrary to law." The FCC said it "will vigorously defend the forfeiture order" and a spokeswoman adds that the network's "continued insistence that the halftime show was not indecent demonstrates that it is out of touch with the American people..."



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