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PBS Seeks New 'Roadshow' Sponsor

  • Ad Age, Tuesday, September 26, 2006 12 PM
PBS is looking for a new sponsor for "Antiques Roadshow" after Toyota decided to drop the long-running series. The Sponsorship Group for Public Television wants a replacement to join Liberty Mutual and Lunesta, both of which back the show--the network's highest-rated offering--on air and online. "Antiques Roadshow" is just one of a number of programs being touted by the Boston-based PBS sponsorship group. For $1.5 million, PBS will allow co-branded video shorts that promote the documentary "American Experience." The shorts, which will run nationally, mark the first time PBS has allowed advertiser-tagged interstitials to appear on its affiliates. Marcia Hertz, head of the group, says the net has become much more responsive to advertiser needs and can get spots on and off air more quickly. "We are much more flexible," she says. "Something other than 12-month sponsorships are up for discussion."



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