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Revised Online Video Hierarchy: MySpace No. 1

It turns out YouTube isn't the No. 1 video site on the Web after all, according to the most recent comScore figures, which now factor in third-party video providers. And maybe it never was. That honor goes to MySpace, News Corp.'s massive social-networking web within the Web, whose 37.4 million unique users collectively watched 1.4 billion videos in July. That size probably merits its own new paragraph, but we don't do those here. Any guesses for No. 2? No, not YouTube. Not Google Video, either. Yahoo, which had more total unique streamers than MySpace, actually came in second with 812 million video streams in July. YouTube, then, was third--generating 649 million video streams. These numbers, by the way, don't include double counting, so YouTube videos streamed on MySpace don't count toward MySpace's total, although they would for YouTube. In total, 7.2 billion videos were streamed on the Web in July, 20 percent of them from Google Video actually placed 8th, below Time Warner's network, ROO, Microsoft's sites and Viacom digital. comScore and other research firms never used to take large third-party providers into consideration when doling out online video usage numbers. That's why we're seeing MySpace, Yahoo, Time Warner, Microsoft and Viacom included in the top 10 for the first time.



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