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Sweet Success For Britain's Oldest Brand

Lyle's Golden Syrup--packaged in a green and gold tin with a unique lion logo--has been officially recognized by Guinness World Records as Britain's oldest brand. The tin is still one of the most familiar sights in British kitchens, and the brand is instantly recognized by 86 percent of shoppers. The packaging has remained almost unchanged since 1885. The Lyle's story began when Scottish businessman Abram Lyle built a sugar refinery in London in 1883. He discovered that the treacly syrup that was a by-product of sugar processing could make a tasty spread. This syrup was poured into wooden casks and sold to his workers and local customers. Soon, large Lyle's Golden Syrup dispensers were being displayed on store shelves. They soon gave way to the classic tins, which were temporarily replaced by strong cardboard during the war years. Nearly 1 million tins leave the Plaistow Wharf factory in East London each month; the syrup also has fans in South Africa, Australia, China and the U.S.



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