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Ray-Ban Brings Back Its Wayfarers

Ray-Ban is planning to revive Wayfarers, the boxy plastic shades that have conveyed beat hip on Bob Dylan, Tiffany chic on Audrey Hepburn and bluesy authenticity on John Belushi.

The company is also reaching out to a new consumer: fashionable women. While the new Wayfarers have kept their overall original look, Ray-Ban's parent company--Luxottica Group SpA--is softening the edges of the old macho shades by introducing more feminine colors, such as white and red. Available for as little as $29 in the Nineties, pricing now starts at $129.95.

During the next few months, Ray-Ban is planning product placements in coming Hollywood films. Ray-Ban's biggest-ever ad campaign will debut in March around the new slogan "Forever Ray-Ban," along with a launch event in the U.S.



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