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Chipwich Inventor Using Students To Push Snacks

For his latest venture, entrepreneur Richard LaMotta intends to employ the same secret ingredient responsible for the success of his Chipwich ice cream sandwich 25 years ago: students.

The Chipwich become a sensation after LaMotta used an army of college students to hawk it from pushcarts. He now intends to recruit high school and college students from around the country to distribute novelty snacks in neighborhood businesses such as laundromats, dry cleaners, car washes and bridal shops.

LaMotta's new venture is called myStudentBiz. Students will make $5 for every box of ChipPOPpitty--which are little round cookies covered in chocolate--and 1/2 POP, a salty popcorn snack, that they sell. LaMotta also hopes that myStudentBiz can become a magnet for inventors seeking a venue for their new food ideas.



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