Yahoo Opens Flickr To Guests

Yahoo's photo-sharing community Flickr has launched several new features to make the site more accessible to non-users, mobile users and those in search of the right camera.

Exposing the world of Flickr to those still unfamiliar with the site, a new "Guest pass" feature allows members to share their work with uninitiated friends and family members.

Members can make any of their photo "sets" available to as many as 50 individuals by submitting their email addresses, and then choosing whether they can also access other friends and family pics in their photostream.

"We're especially happy about this one since it's the second most requested feature of all time," explained Flickr co-founder Stewart Butterfield in a note posted online earlier this week. "Guest passes work with secret links so you can send the link yourself or have us send it for you."

Butterfield and his team have also updated, in his words, its "long-dormant and seemingly left-for-dead mobile site." The highlights include recent activity, recent comments, support for Y! ID based login, search, and a new URL: "This is just the beginning, we're planning on rolling out continuing improvements to the mobile site in the near future."



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