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CBS To Ford: Drop Dead

CBS News did not break into programming for any special report on former Gerald Ford's death, opting to run an on-screen "crawl" to announce the death of the man who became president when Richard Nixon resigned in disgrace.

The Tiffany Network will, however, call Katie Couric home from vacation to anchor the "CBS Evening News" Thursday and any ceremonies over the weekend. News of the 93-year-old former president's demise broke shortly before midnight on the East Coast, but during prime time in the West.

Terry Moran, already working on ABC News' "Nightline," anchored a special report, while NBC had a two-minute special report simulcast on MSNBC. "We have contingency plans for these kinds of things and discuss them well in advance," says Bob Murphy, ABC News senior vice president. "There really was never a question that for a former president you would do a brief interrupt."



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